How to Buy Bangles in India

When shopping for bangles, it’s a good idea to measure your wrist circumference and add a few centimeters. antique bangles It’s best to buy bangles that are slightly larger than your wrist size, particularly if you are buying Kada or screw-in bangles. Some sellers measure your hand in order to recommend the proper size. You can also measure your wrist and add a couple of centimeters when shopping online.

Bangles can be worn with many different outfits, and they can be paired with formal or casual attire. They look great with leggings, jeans, tunics, and dresses. Indian women also often wear bangles, and they go well with kurtis and dhoti sets. If you’re looking for something more traditional, glass or oxidized bangles are a great choice.

Bangles come in many different styles and designs. They’re typically circular in shape, and they can be simple or intricate. Some of them are studded with pearls, diamonds, or other precious stones. Most women wear them as pairs, but some men wear them alone (a single bangle is called a kada).

Bangles aren’t as old as Vedas, but ancient jewelry contains some form of bangle. These bangles have evolved over time and have different roles in Indian society. In south India, gold bangles are considered auspicious. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, ivory bangles are the rage. Women traditionally wear ivory bangles when they are getting married. They often give them to their husbands as a sign of their love for them.

When buying bangles, keep in mind that they can make your outfit look better and more traditional. Buying matching bangles is an ideal way to complete a traditional look. If you don’t want to go with a traditional design, you can also choose a fusion of colors. No matter what, though, the right bangle will make your outfit look more stylish. It should complement your outfit and complement your style.

While you are choosing your bangles, you should consider the material and style. Many bangles are made of metal, but others are made of glass or other materials. This can add extra sparkle to your outfit. Purchasing bangles will add an element of class to your outfit and make it appear more elegant. Many bangles have a gemstone or other decorative element. Whether you choose glass or metallic, you’ll never go wrong with a high-quality bangle.

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